Bathroom Loft Look

Changing the bathroom was our priority – it was hideous and hadn’t been touched for about 50 years. ‘There was an awful electric shower that made such a noise it used to frighten Freddie, who was a baby at the time. The space was cut in two with a bath and sink in one room and a loo in the other, and it was so cramped I couldn’t even kneel down on the floor for Freddie’s bath time.
bathStarting point The room was really dingy, with stained walls and dated tiles. We wanted to create a single space, so a fair amount of structural work was required. Our builders took down the partition, blocked up one of the original doorways and windows, then removed the water tank in the corner. Taking it out meant we were able to square up the room and make space for the walk-in shower that I really wanted. Fortunately, we were able to keep the existing pipework the loo, sink and bath are in pretty much the same place as before, which helped to keep costs down. We wanted to create a relaxing space with a modern-vintage look. I was determined to include a roll-top bath and liked the idea of an old-fashioned radiator and big Edwardian sink, but wanted to pair these with some contemporary touches. I saw some great pictures of New York loft apartments on Pinterest with walk-in showers and subway tiles, and we spent ages deciding on the colour of the grout. I’m really pleased we went for the dark grey it makes more of a statement. Hunting for bargains The biggest challenge was sourcing fixtures and fittings especially as I was pregnant with Sasha and had a toddler in tow! There was only a limited amount I could do in the day, so Adam and I spent many evenings
trying to decide on the fixtures, and choosing tiles and paint colours. Checking prices online and scouring discount stores definitely saved us a huge amount of money, and was much cheaper than handing over the whole project to a bathroom design firm. I originally started looking at roll-top baths on the high street but they were completely out of my price range. In the end, I tracked down a bathroom retailer online who sells virtually identical versions at half the amount. Design inspiration I love the understated grey walls and wanted to introduce shots of colour with the framed butterfly pictures and bright yellow accessories it’s a classic combination that works really well. I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to design I’ll often pinch ideas. I first saw the pretty star-print window film on my friend’s kitchen door, and loved it. It can be fiddly to apply, but luckily my mum was on hand to help me it was certainly worth the effort. The new bathroom has transformed bath time for the children there’s space for me to wash them and I can get them out and into their pyjamas without having to leave the room. They’re also at an age where they’re really starting to enjoy using the walk-in shower, which is definitely my favourite feature here, too every time I step into it, it makes me smile.’

Stately Bathrooms

Some bathrooms are made for pomp and pageantry. Rooms with high ceilings, large bay windows and intricate architectural details cry out for elegant, luxurious suites that do their surroundings justice.
Decadent doesn’t mean musty and unfashionable. This timeless and sophisticated style is reinterpreted each new year with a contemporary twist.
This regal look is fit for the aristocracy. It is about creating a rich, indulgent sanctuary so your bathroom is more than just a functional space, but a lavish escape from daily life. “Bathrooms have evolved,” explains Belinda Try, founder and executive director of Apaiser, “from places of functional ablution to sanctuaries of indulgence away from the world”.
Don’t be put off by the space you have — this style can work just as well in an urban loft as it can in a country mansion — it’s all about selecting the right products for your space.
A classic freestanding bath is at the heart of this look, but they can be large and even too heavy for some floors. “Weight can prove an issue with some freestanding baths,” says Phil Etherden, managing director of The Albion Bath Company, “Albion’s unique Iso-enamel material has all the benefits of cast iron without the drawbacks of extreme weight and heat loss”.
glamour-bathroomIf space is a concern why not opt for a smaller length bath with a deeper depth? It will fit the style while being able to hold enough water to deliver a luxurious bathing experience. Glamorous and tactile materials such as natural stones, solid wood, glass and mirrors exude luxurious decadence. A freestanding cast iron Spey bath from Drummonds has been installed beneath the window in this lavish bathroom. The bath has a polished exterior that gives it reflective qualities. Bath from £3,570.

burnished-gold-bathFor those who want to get-the-look but are short on space there is the Tubby Too roll top bath from The Albion Bath Company. It has a small length and a deep depth that is ideal for those who enjoy a relaxing soak. It is finished here in Burnished Gold and it is also available painted in any Dulux Trade colour. £1,930.

Classic cast iron baths inspired the design of the Admiral freestanding bath by Devon & Devon. Its ‘Eagle’ feet, which are made of cast iron and finished in polished aluminium, accentuate its freestanding form. A Coventry bath and shower mixer in chrome finish complement the bath, which is available in 213 painted hues. £2,930.

eagle-feet-bathThe luxurious Waldorf bathroom collection from Crosswater could have come straight from the pages of The Great Gatsby. The elegant collection is evocative of early twentiethcentury style and allows you to get-the-look without upgrading to a mansion in the suburbs. Waldorf back-to-wall WC and bidet in Tunnel white £480 each; Waldorf doublewash basin in white £1,295.

A sensational freestanding bath beneath a magnificent, large antique mirror gives this space a decadent feel. The Harmony range designed by Kelly Hoppen for Apaiser is a contemporary take on the period style. It features a stunning layered freestanding bath and countertop basin, both made of a stone composite material. Available in Charcoal dark grey, Taupe beige, Linen cream or Polar White (as shown). Bath from £7,375.

This flamboyant look is anything but minimal. Piping that is usually concealed is transformed into an aesthetic feature. La Cage from Catchpole & Rye is a shower enclosure formed of its own pipework. The eye-catching design surrounds the user in a cage of perforated pipes that ensure the body is sprayed with water from all sides. This version, which is complemented by a feminine shower curtain, is in a silver nickel finish. Price on request.

This Corian Peace basin has been wrapped in Corian Juniper, a veined bluish-grey version of the solid surface material. The white basin and marble-effect surround create an intriguing contrast with the traditional parquet flooring beneath. The basin has been paired with ornate taps that give the unit an elegant edge. From £450.

Relaxing Bath Gel

Pamper Yourself @ Home with In-Home Spa Treatment

People have busy lives and are constantly dealing with stress. Whether you are a Stay-At-Home Mom or a corporate executive, we all have important tasks to do on a daily basis and we are always on the move. It’s okay, as long as we get to have a moment to relax and rejuvenate ourselves so we can start each day fresh.

Now, what can we do to relax and rejuvenate our minds and bodies? Soaking in an bath always does the trick for me. Who has the time you say…my take on it is MAKE THE TIME! Take at least 30-Minutes for yourself, trust me you’ll be glad you did. Don’t you think you are at least worth 30-Minutes EVERYDAY!

There are all kinds of bath products available for you to pamper yourself with some of my favorites are listed right here on this site. If youenjoy taking a bath, there are soaps, bath salts, bath bubbles, bath bombs, which come in variety of scents (my personal favorite is Lavendar/Vanilla). Soak away your stress with the bath products of your choice – light a candle or two, turn out your bathroom light, have some soft relaxing music in the background, put your head on a rolled up towel or bath pillow and you are good to go. Close your eyes and enjoy the wonderful scent, let it take you where you want to go. (But make sure you don’t fall asleep in the tub!)

Of course if you can afford a day spa on a regular basis, that’s great, but if you’re like me and most busy women I know,the do-it-yourself spa is just as good as the real one. Here are 3 big reasons why:

1) NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! You can set up your special bath time whenever you want. No set time or date.

2)You can enjoy a luxurious bath from the comfort of your own home. So if you have little kids, there is no need to hire a baby sitter. Tell them it’s “Mommy Time” or put them to bed a little early one night a week and you have all the time you need for your home spa treatment.

3) It’s affordable! A visit to a day spa is nice, but it’s definitely not cheap.

If you are not so much a bath person, then turn your shower into what I call “a relaxation station”. A high pressure shower massage head does wonders. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you consider buying one (feel free to search our Amazon store to find great bargains on shower massagers).

For a shower person, check out our luxurious shower gels.
See what other bath products are available:

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